.:. Facilities .:.
Laboratory for Advanced Biomedical Informatics (LABi) provides state of the art research facilities. The equipment is located in two rooms on the second floor of the Technology Center on LSUS campus.

Research facilities consist of, and are not limited to, the following hardware:

  • 312 CPU-core Apple xserve-based computational cluster with 16TB of Fibre Channel storage

  • 180-processor Dell PowerEdge-based computational cluster with Fibre Channel storage

  • Multi-core, multi-processor and multi-display workstations for the development of algorithms and the analysis of data (supporting Mac OS X, Linux and MC Windows operating systems)

  • 65” interactive display for video conferencing and real-time collaboration

  • Internet 2-powered video conferencing with three high-quality cameras, microphones, echo cancelers, etc.

  • Passive stereoscopic projection system

  • Active stereoscopic computer systems

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.:. LABi Cams (from on-campus) .:.
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.:. LABi Cams (from off-campus) .:.
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.:. LABi - Cluster Temperature Sensor .:.