Unix Command Shell Workshop

Welcome to the Hands-on Workshop for automating tasks within the UNIX Shell. We will be learning the basics of working within the UNIX operating system and getting famiilar with the command line interface.

Topics to be covered:

Go To Unix Tutorial  Reference

Afterwards, you can use the guide below to use the same or similar commands on your personal system.

  1. First, install Babun from the link below.
    Install Babun
  2. Save the file to your computer.
  3. Go to the directory where you saved the file.
  4. Unzip it.
  5. In the folder babun-[version], you will find a file called install with a gear symbol. Double click to start the installation.
  6. After it is done it will load up the terminal for the first time for you ready to go!
  7. From then on you can run Babun like any other program to access the functionality of the terminal. The website also has a lot of information on how to extend the functionality and make it more useful.
  8. The path to your home directory to put the tutorial files in is C:/Users/[username]/.babun/cygwin/home/[username]
  1. First, open the Finder program from your taskbar.
  2. Then click on Applications in the top left section of the window.
  3. After that scroll down until you see Utilities. Click on it to reveal a list of programs.
  4. Click on Terminal and then you have a functional terminal very similar to the one used in the Workshop.

To run these commands on a Linux machine you just have to run the terminal program. The name of it changes depending on the specific type of Linux. On Ubuntu, for instance, it is called Xterm. Once you run this program it will open up an interface similar to the one used in the workshop that you can use to run commands.

Additional resources to expand your knowledge

Unix Tutorials for Beginners LABi Tutorials and Other Learning Resources

Useful software

PuTTY - SSH client

Aliasing commands